Not all employers use legal recruiters, but that doesn't mean you don't still need one.

Rocky Mountain Legal Search offers consulting services for attorneys who want the competitive advantage of having a top legal recruiter in their corner.

resume revampS

  • If you are applying to roles that do not use legal recruiters, like government roles and certain in-house and firm roles, it is crucial that your resume not only stands out, but that it is properly tailored to each role so that you can score a coveted, and often highly competitive, interview. Rocky Mountain Legal Search will help you perfect your resume, whether you are starting from scratch, or just need an update. We will also help draft cover letters that will effectively catch employers' attentions.

interview preparation

  • Congrats! You got an interview for a great job through hard work and networking. Now you have one shot to impress in person. Maybe you haven't interviewed since law school, or maybe you aren't getting the jobs you have been interviewing for. Whatever the reason, it's time for a professional to step in to coach you on how to effectively represent and present yourself in any type of interview. We know all the questions commonly asked, including the trick questions, and will prepare you for each and every possible scenario to ensure that you make the very best impression.  

Online Presence perfecting

  • These days, one of the first things a potential employer does when they get a resume is Google the candidate. We will help tighten up your social media presence so you present in the most professional way, and teach you how to use social media to your networking advantage. 

networking coaching

  • They don't teach networking in law school, even though it is one of the most important skills a lawyer needs. We break down the daunting prospect of networking into easily digestible lessons so that you can effectively promote your brand and get where you want to go professionally.