Providing you with candidates who will hit the ground running. 

At Rocky Mountain Legal Search we work expeditiously and diligently to find you the perfect fit for your role. By leveraging years of experience as a practicing attorney and legal recruiter, we consistently provide the best search service possible. You'll also find we're quite different than most recruiters you've worked with before for the following reasons:

We understand your business.

  • Having practiced at top firms and worked with countless corporate legal departments, we understand the very important nuances within the legal profession. Not only have we been lawyers, but we have worked with virtually every type of employer who needs a lawyer: AmLaw100 law firms, boutique law firms, Fortune 500 companies, middle market companies and start ups. Because we actually understand what you do, we always send you candidates with the exact skills you need. 

We know where and how to find the best attorneys.

  • By using our market knowledge, far-reaching referral networks and proprietary search software and database, we will not just find you a good fit—we will find you exactly who you ask for, with minimal effort on your end. We thoroughly vet all candidates and will only introduce you to a handful of candidates who have the skills and personality you request and require, making the process painless and quick for you.

We are selective. 

  • We are particular in the searches we take so we can provide our clients with the utmost in personalized services. Finding a perfect candidate for a position takes thought, effort and care, and by being selective we ensure that every client gets the same hands-on, service, no matter what the role.

We are responsive. 

  • We know your time is valuable, so we are always available.

We make your life easier, even after we find the right person. 

  • Delegating the time-consuming search to Rocky Mountain Legal Search will not only save you time during the search process, but also during the on-boarding process, since you can be confident your new hire is ready and able to hit the ground running.